Titilating comercials over-shadow game

By Staff Writer
February 5, 2004

Steph Mangold

“As of tomorrow, we’re all undefeated.” These words didn’t echo from the Super Bowl game but from one of the many new commercials that were aired. Now I know that those die-hard football fans out there were on the edge of their seats watching the Panthers and the Patriots. I noticed though that about one out of three people that they only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and some said for the halftime performances. I guess that everyone that missed Sunday’s halftime performance with Janet Jackson wish that they didn’t.

What is the Super Bowl about anymore? Is it about the game or how one single commercial for 30 seconds cost $1.3 million? In our commercialized world there’s no wonder what the answer is to these questions.

Everything used to be about the excitement of the game. People used to want the commercials to be over so that they could get back to the football game. Now I know that this isn’t the case for everyone. I admit that I’ll watch the Super Bowl for the commercials but I’m not a big football fan. I’m a hockey fan instead. Yes, I probably watched almost every game that the Eagles played but I think that was out of amusement. I’m proud that the Eagles made it as far as they did this season but they choked at the end like they do every season. If they would’ve went to the Super Bowl then I would’ve really had watched the game.

The Super Bowl is surrounded more by what commercial is going to beat out another that it’s ridiculous. Granted the movie trailers that were shown were excellent but there really wasn’t any stand out commercials. It seems now that through the years the more they spend on these commercial spots the crappier they get. I think I might change my viewing options next year and watch the game instead because that’s more exciting than the commercials anymore.

I want to know if the raw love of football is still out there. I’m sure that it is but it’s not seen too often. I come from a strong sports based family so I know it when I see it. Even though the NFL football season is over there’s still hope. The Philadelphia Soul will be starting their arena football season shortly so you can practice your newfound refreshed football spirit on them. So remember to put on your jerseys and start waving those foam fingers because even though the Super Bowl is now long gone there’s still more to come.

Posted to the web by: Cecelia Francisco

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Staff Writer

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