Tips for preventing theft in residence halls

By Jeffrey Outterbridge
February 26, 2004

Lauren Joseph

Not many things bother me about this school but one thing that has been bothering me is the issue with theft around campus. I do not understand how there could be theft at Cabrini.

First of all, why would anyone leave his or her door unlocked? Where I am from, we have to tie double knots in our shoes so that nobody can take them off our feet. The problem with theft wouldn’t be so serious if people actually locked their doors. The doors to the rooms are too thick to try to kick down and with the time it takes to pick the lock, the robber would be caught. The only way to get in the rooms is with a key or through the window, but it’s almost impossible to get through the window.

Another way to prevent theft is to hide all or most valuables in the room. Items like diamond earrings, rings, and necklaces should be put in a place where even your roommate can’t find it. If need be, put important documents under the mattress of your bed. (Sorry, I’m giving away the hiding place). Don’t leave money lying around in the open. Find a pair of old shoes or something to put money in. Most thieves’ first objective is to get as much as they can in as little bit of time as possible. The further things are spread out, the less a thief can get.

I live in New Residence Hall. One of the issues that we have been having is people using the back door. I know that some people think that the theft has been the result of people going in and out of the back door. I disagree. I live on the first floor and I have a clear view of the back door from my room. The only people that I see using the door are people that live in New Residence Hall.

I don’t see the problem with students being able to use that door. I use the back door myself. It’s easier to use that door than to risk falling up the hill or walking all the way around the building. It’s hard to carry heavy bags to the front of the building, especially when you’re parked in the back of the building.

It’s a terrible thing to have something taken or stolen. If there is a way to prevent it, do it. Make sure that doors are locked at all times.

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Jeffrey Outterbridge

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