Tim Maddox on and off the court

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February 7, 2002

Tom Grosse

Q: What is your major?
A: Chemistry

Q: What is your hometown?
A: West Philadelphia

Q: What are your plans after college?
A: To work for a chemical company like Dupont or study organic chemistry.

Q: Favorite Food?
A: Fried Chicken

Q: If you were trapped on an island what CD would you bring?
A: Donnie Hathaway

Q: What is your dream car?
A: Lincoln Navigator

Q: Are you single?
A: Yes

Q: What celebrity do you think you look like?
A: Omar Epps, but the ladies say Denzel

Q: Why do they call you “Delicious”?
A: It all started in practice, Delicious came from the movie “Kings Of Comedy”. One day Chris Pittman was talking about the movie at practice and that part came up and he just started calling me

Q: What is your favorite thing about basketball?
A: Competition

Q: What are your hopes for the team this year?
A: To win the PAC championship again and go far in the NCAA’s


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