Timberlake’s new CD steps it up

By Morgan Miller
December 1, 2006

In 2002, Justin Timberlake revealed his desire to go unaccompanied with his first solo album “Justified.” The album had a collection of pop-sounding songs such as “Cry Me a River,” “Rock Your Body,” “Like I Love You” and “Senorita,” which closely resembled his previous boy band days with N*SYNC. Fortunately, Timberlake appears to have matured musically and has released a different type of CD, “FutureSex/LoveSounds.”

“FutureSex/LoveSounds” is an album full of upbeat club songs such as the first two released singles “SexyBack” and “My Love.” Timbaland and Nate (Danja) Hills helped to produce this CD, greatly contributing to the sexy beats and hot lyrics, or as Timmy Iacovone (freshman, History Education major) says, “the most fly thing out there.”

The lyrics behind these songs show just how into having fun and experiencing love Justin really is. In “SexyBack” Timberlake reveals a frisky side by singing “Dirty babe, you see these shackles baby I’m your slave. I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave.”

However, he also shows a sweet side by singing “I can see us holding hands, walking on the beach, our toes in the sand.” in his second released single “My Love.”

As dailynews.com suggests, Timberlake’s current girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, is possibly the reason behind this newly found upbeat, sexy club music collection.

Dailynews.com also stated that the CD’s best song, by far, is “All Over Again.” In “All Over Again,” Timberlake reveals his sensitive side by confessing his wrong doings and practically begging for forgiveness from the love of his life.

The same website clearly bashes Timberlake’s “Losing My Way” track, which they describe as “one crack-headed lament.” “Losing My Way” describes one man’s struggle with reality after making too many wrong decisions and losing his family. The concept behind the song is not necessarily awful, but after all the other upbeat, sexy songs on the CD, this track’s slow beat and sad story hit the listener hard.

Overall, Justin created a hit CD which, as MSNBC entertainment online says, was inspired by pop-king Prince. The album is truly full of hit songs that will uplift anyone’s mood.

As Kim Prigge, a freshman exercise science major, said, “Justin’s new album is great. The CD is full of songs that have great beats. I love to put the CD on as I’m getting ready.it really gets me in the ‘fun mood’.” Whether you’re sad about a breakup or just getting ready for a night of fun, pop in Timberlake’s new CD “FutureSex/LoveSounds” to gain an upbeat attitude.

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Morgan Miller

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