Is TikTok the most loved platform? Here’s what Cabrini students had to say.

By Hannah Poggi
October 30, 2021

TikTok’s growth and students favorite social media

When it comes to social media, TikTok is taking over with 1 billion users worldwide. Tiktok has impacted many people’s lives over the past couple of years and has grown and evolved drastically, but do most people call TikTok their number one favorite and most used social media? 

According to an article from Media Kix, TikTok has gained close to 25 million new users in 2020. In 2020, TikTok saw a huge rise in users downloading the app and creating videos most likely because of the global pandemic. Users used TikTok as an escape to find comedic videos to distract themselves from the outside world and boredom. 

As well as that, in 2018 TikTok was placed in the top four global apps worldwide. This is a big deal for TikTok’s company because they amounted to great growth and expansion since 2018 and they continue to advance as time goes on. TikTok has also made a significant impact on those who use the app. 

“TikTok is my favorite app because I love how entertaining it is and I enjoy all of the funny videos, while also being able to create videos myself,” Marisa Canuso, avid TikTok user, said. TikTok is an outlet for positive vibes and laughable content and seems to be one of the top platforms used by students on campus. 

Survey done with 29 students. Photo by Hannah Poggi

In an informal Cabrini survey of 29 students on Instagram, students were asked “What is your favorite social media platform?” The 29 responses sent in were widely scattered. The answers varied from Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. With four students choosing Twitter, eight choosing TikTok, seven choosing Snapchat, three choosing Instagram and one choosing Pinterest. From these results, it is clear that TikTok takes the crown as the top platform used by students.  

There was also a poll done on Instagram as well, comparing two different social media platforms and which one student’s like better/use more. The first poll was Instagram vs. TikTok. This poll was close with 101 students voting on Instagram and 124 voting for TikTok. The second poll was Snapchat vs. Instagram. 141 voted for Snapchat and 88 voted for Instagram. The third poll was Twitter vs. Instagram, with 40 voting for Twitter and 181 voting for Instagram. The last poll was Snapchat vs. TikTok, with 115 voting for Snapchat and 105 voting for TikTok.

Instagram poll comparing platforms. Photo by Hannah Poggi

The polls that were generated and designed through Instagram gave a good perspective and idea on what platforms students take a liking to. Sadly, Twitter is the least loved platform by students. The last poll done between Snapchat and TikTok was extremely close but Snapchat took the win over TikTok. But, luckily TikTok still won over Instagram. 

These platforms are all different and have very distinctive features. For example, Instagram is more of an aesthetically pleasing app, where users can post photos, stories and videos that share a bit about their personal life or any of their interests and hobbies. Twitter is mainly used for news and people who aren’t afraid to share and tweet their opinions. Snapchat is used to snap pictures back and forth to friends as a form of communication. And lastly, TikTok is solely used for video creation with videos ranging from the time span of 15 seconds to three minutes. 

From the data gathered and polls done, TikTok is a large competitor when it comes to these different social media apps/platforms. It is inevitable that it will continue to surpass other apps in the future as the number of users climb and the love and impact of the app flourishes. 

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