Thrill of skydiving captivates students.

By Staff Writer
April 27, 2006


Some people love living on the extreme. What better way to live on the extreme than doing an extreme sport that has been around for thousands of years; a sport like skydiving? For some Cabrini students skydiving is awesome, while other would rather pass.

Lauren Fullam, a freshman liberal arts major, said that has tried skydiving. Fullam said she went skydiving last October for her birthday. “It was awesome,” she said. Fullam continued by saying that she will definitely go skydiving in the spring when it gets warmer.

Some students think that skydiving is awesome and then there are those that are scared of it. Krystal Layne, a sophomore psychology major, said that she has never tried skydiving and said that she would be scared. “I am scared of roller-skates, I wouldnot like it,” Layne said.

Claudia Sciandra, a senior accounting and finance major, has also never tried skydiving. Sciandra said that she will never try skydiving. “Looks like fun, but I would never do it,” she said.

According to a skydiving website , parachuting started in China in the 1100s. Naturally, there were no airplanes to jump from, but there have always been natural prominences to leap from and then float relatively safely to the ground. Leonardo DaVinci, who created plans for all sorts of flying contraptions, also created a design for a wood frame parachute in a pyramid shape.

The first woman to jump from a plane was Tiny Broadwick, who did so in 1913. She was an American parachutist who also the first woman to make a freefall from an air plane in 1914.

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