Three-year captain leads team

By Jeffrey Outterbridge
October 2, 2003

Cecelia Francisco

ij+P0at is the sound that rings around the Dixon Center gym when the women’s volleyball team has their practice. During the practice the girls are able to mix business with pleasure. While doing drills, the girls smile and talk to each other as if they have been together all of their lives. The girls encourage each other to work hard and they always complement each other. Captain Alissa Smith runs the majority of the practice drills. She has been the captain for the past 3 years. She has been playing since she was in the fourth grade. “Its apart of my life” Smith said.

Come game time, it is a totally different story. The girls work hard for every point. Their intensity rises and their passion for the game becomes evident. The girls work together as a cohesive unit. They yell plays back and forth to each other to make sure everyone is on point. When a point is scored or a good play happens, they all make sure that the person that had the good play knows she did a good job.

Trish Arnold, Their coach, stands back and carefully monitors the progress of her players. From the side, she commands her players but at the same time encourages them.

Arnold recently resigned as the Resident Director of the new residence dorm. This is her second season as coach. Her departure from the RD position has not effected her as the head coach of the girls volleyball team.

Arnold loves working with the girls on the team. “This has been my best coaching experience. They are great players. They work and they play to win,” Arnold said.

The girls also love working with their coach. “I love Trish! Her and Lou are great coaches. They know a lot about the game and that makes us better players,” said second year player Rachael Blong. “I played with Trish my freshman year. In my junior year, she was coach. It was an adjustment, but it was a good one.” Smith said. Mostly all the girl have the same reaction towards their coach.

When questioned about as to weather or not she was going to stay and continue coaching, Arnold replied,” My intention is to stay here and keep building up the program.”

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Jeffrey Outterbridge

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