‘This is It:’ Michael Jackson takes last bow on stage

By Justin Sillner
October 29, 2009

Lauren Sliva

“Thriller,” “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” “Wanna Be Startin’ Something.” We all have our favorite Michael Jackson song. Unfortunately, many of us were not able to see him live in concert. Fans will get to experience the glory of the thriller in his new movie “This is It,” released Wednesday, Oct. 28.

The new movie documents Jackson’s rehearsals of the cancelled concert series of the same name both on stage and behind the scenes. The film will contain Jackson preparing his crew for the 50 shows and creating, developing and staging the high-tech performances.

“I’m definitely going to see the movie. I’m going with my aunt. We used to watch old Michael Jackson videos at her apartment. She’s the reason I love Michael so much. I think it’s going to be the movie of the year,” Mary Stevens, sophomore education major, said.

Most of Jackson’s footage was shot at The Forum and The Staples Center in Los Angeles. The tour was set to begin July 8, 2009 and end in March 2010. This would be Jackson’s biggest tour since his HIStory World Tour in 1996.

Jackson died June 25 after suffering from cardiac arrest, a month before the concert was set to start.

“I know people who already have their tickets. They got them the day that they came out,” Becca Rothemich, sophomore education major, said.

A song entitled “This is It” has also been released to help promote the new movie. It was one of Jackson’s thousands of previously unreleased songs. It was recorded in 1983 and was found in a box of tapes. The song is just only Jackson’s voice and piano.

It was originally promoted as a new single, but then it was decided that the song would only be sent to radio stations and was unavailable for download.

“This sort of thing should be released later, maybe in five to 10 years for a new generation of music fans where it is more historically relevant,” Eion O’Neill, sophomore communication major, said.

Regal Entertainment Group said that the movie is very popular in ticket sales around the country and plan on adding it in the IMAX experience in 25 locations.

“I would definitely go see it because the life he lived was very interesting and I’d like to see how Hollywood portrays it,” Bit Hess, sophomore social work major, said.

Overall, people seem excited to see what Jackson had in store for us with the tour he planned. fans might not have gotten to see him live and onstage, but now the world will get to see the singer, dancer and the great artist at work as he creates and perfects his final show.

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Justin Sillner

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