The wait is over, the iPhone is here

By Ashley Randazzo
February 8, 2007

San Jose Mercury News/MCT

It’s official, Mac is back. It started with the musical revolution in the form of an iPod, and now has moved to cell phones with the long awaited iPhone which has become the talk of the nation with it’s new innovations.

Steve Jobs, CEO of newly named Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone in a speech to the Macworld audience said, “Today, Apple will reinvent the phone.”

The retail price of the iPhone goes for around $499 to $599, depending on the amount of space it has. For that price interested parties can have the best of both worlds, and more. Photos, music, messaging and Internet are only some of what the iPhone is capable of.

Senior psychology major Ashley Mayer sees the iPhone as something really special, but not affordable. “I just recently got an iPod for the holidays because it was so expensive, I wanted to wait for the prices to go down. Although the iPhone would be nice to have and convenient, I can’t say I would ever buy it unless the price was right,” Mayer said.

To some, the iPhone may be a bit pricey, but to many, it’s worth it. Sophomore special education major Gillian Busch has been waiting a long time for the iPhone to go onto the market. “I use my iPod about as much as I use my cell phone. It’s no wonder they didn’t come out with an iPod Phone sooner.”

Some details about the iPhone are featured on the website include a wide-screen display, a unique phone feature with one-touch conference call features and the most talked about touch screen, so no more buttons.

The only potential issue for consumers comes from the requirement of purchasing a 2-year mobile phone contract from Cingular only. According to Jobs, he assembled a team to put a lot of effort educating themselves on the different mobile networks, and Cingular was the only one accepted.

Laura Barber, a senior sociology and psychology major is unimpressed with the iPhone. “So many people want the iPod or the new iPod Phone, but some cannot afford either one and therefore, I see no point to buying the phone right now.”

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Ashley Randazzo

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