The truth about cats ‘n dogs

By Elizabeth Brachelli
February 2, 2006

Cats and dogs have stolen the hearts of pet lovers everywhere, whether it’s a cat doing stupid pet tricks on the “David Letterman Show” or a dog being carried around by Paris Hilton. Yet, man’s best friend is in high competition while playing frisbee with the companion that relaxes in front of the TV watching reruns of “Friends.” But which is the choice among Cabrini students, cats or dogs?

After coming home from a long week of school, Kelsey Neil, a junior sociology major, would agree dogs are the best choice, although she would not mind having a cat. Neil has a dog of her own, an eskipoo, that she calls Toby.

Neil said, “He’s always there for me and he makes me smile. I love my dog; he’s my best friend.”

Also, Neil said her dog often follows her around the house, and he can do several tricks. Toby does the regular pet tricks of sitting, standing and rolling over. But Neil sometimes surprisingly finds her dog standing up to dance.

Another Cabrini student who has a love for pets is Maria DeVirgiliis, a senior English and communication major. DeVirgiliis has owned a cat, Hallie, for the last two months. Since DeVirgiliis was little, she wanted a pet.

DeVirgiliis said, “It’s like a real-live stuffed animal. I love my cat.” Also, DeVirgiliis loves her cat, Hallie, because she feels the cat relieves her stress by talking to it. reports that pets reduce stress by 40 percent. People talk to their pets, relieving stress to some degree. Also, it was reported that the comfort and companionship that pets provide keep people healthier and even increase self-esteem. Owners find that they’re loved unconditionally by their pet, which is hard to come by, whether it’s a big wet kiss from a dog or cuddling with a cat.

Rachael Perrault, a junior psychology and sociology major, has both a love for cats and dogs. Although Perrault doesn’t have a cat or dog of her own, she enjoys the company of her aunt’s cats, Max and Mimi, whenever she can.

Mimi was a stray cat that Perrault’s aunt took in and cared for. Later, Perrault’s aunt decided Mimi needed a friend and she received Max from a neighbor.

Perrault said, “Whenever I see Max and Mimi, they put me in a good mood. Animals keep you young and happy.”

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Elizabeth Brachelli

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