The truth about Atkins

By Caitlin Langley
December 4, 2003

I have found that a lot of my friends are on the Atkins diet and I don’t think that it’s a good thing. I think that sometimes it’s good for people to be concerned with their bodies and eat in a restricted manner, but as severe as this, I’m not sure.

This diet calls for you to refrain from eating carbohydrates in such a drastic level that you might think they were poison. But in reality, carbohydrates are not poison. Your body actually needs some carbs to sustain that beautiful body that we all know and love. I think that people should look into the whole no carbs thing before they hurt their bodies and put themselves on a perpetual diet for the rest of their lives. Yes, I said it. A perpetual diet.

If you start Atkins you can possibly never stop because if you do, you will gain all of that weight that you worked so hard to take off and restrained yourself so much for. If you make one little slip-up then you will actually gain weight from the diet. Yeah, that includes your precious Thursday night beers. You take only one sip of beer or any other alcohol and you are out to gain. Some might think that I’m just being a little over dramatic but I’m not; you will actually gain weight back from that one sip of beer. Gives a whole other meaning to “think before you drink” doesn’t it?

I know what you’re thinking; what else can I do to lose weight? You can eat in moderation. Know what you want to eat and then compare it to what one is supposed to eat in a real meal. Cut out the second helpings and the mindless snacks that aren’t because you’re hungry but because you’re bored. Cut out the extras; just eat what you need to. If you’re not hungry don’t eat, if you’re bored do something. In the end, you’ll be yourself again.

Instead of eating that sub, you might finish your English paper early.

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Caitlin Langley

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