The trials and sacrifices of obsessed fans

By Staff Writer
March 21, 2002

94.1, WYSP, held a contest to win Sixers tickets for the playoffs last year. There were two men who showed up to the studio with a stuffed deer draped over their backs. They stood outside of the studio in Center City all day long showing their “YSP Pride.” The Sixers were playing the Bucks in that series, so they thought that it would be appropriate to show their team spirit by displaying a dead “buck.”

All that was asked of the Sixers fans who wanted to win tickets to the Bucks series was to make a banner displaying WYSP and the Sixers and put it in a high traffic area. To say the least, the men won the tickets.

Just recently for Eagles playoff tickets, a man let John Welbourne of the Eagles shave his head at a pep rally while another man ate worms. For AC/DC tickets, two kids stood in the parking lot at the First Union Center holding up a gigantic banner yelling “YSP rocks” to every car that drove by.

There have been people who have shaved WYSP in their heads, and some people have decorated their bodies by writing WYSP all over with makeup or marker or sewing letters onto their clothing. Others had created banners and wore them with nothing else underneath.

Some fans will stop at nothing to win tickets for upcoming concerts, movies or sporting events. A man took a picture of himself naked with his grandmother to win tickets to a concert this past year. Radio stations get all the crazy people on the phone willing to do almost anything for attention.

In Y100’s opinion, the lunatics that do silly and sometimes grotesque stunts just want to be on the air. The head of promotions at Y100 said that the people are just out to get some attention.

Many of the callers want to outsmart one another. They may be die-hard fans, but they are also in it for the fame of being live on the radio. In another incident, there was a line of people scheduled to suck the toes of DJ Casey from the morning show on Y100, with the hopes of winning Dave Matthews Band tickets. The radio morning shows is where you will find the most outlandish fans and the most far-fetched stunts.

In order to attain Weezer tickets for their show last year in Philadelphia, a girl ate a jar of mustard in a minute and a half. Who comes up with these contests?

The morning talk shows create many of these pranks and dares, but there are listeners that come up with some of the contests. People love attention and a great place to be heard is on the radio.

Another contest for tickets was given to listeners who hate their exes and want to break something special that they received as a gift. This contest brought in very angry, lonely, desperate callers. They stopped at no cost to damage their most prized possessions. There was a caller who actually wanted to smash in the windows of her brand new car from an ex.

When movies are premiering in the area, fans rush to local radio stations and box offices in desperation to obtain tickets. Star Wars attracts many wild fans that will stop at nothing to be the first in line for tickets. These characters stand in line for days ahead of time to get the best seats when the movie is premiering. Serious Star Wars fans are very distinct. They will come to the box office or radio station dressed as their favorite character in the film. They will live their lives as a character from the movie for days on end.

The Harry Potter craze also brought in some out of the ordinary die-hard fans. People stood in line days before the movie came out in the box office. They called radio stations continuously trying to win tickets to see the film.

Not only do fans do these insane stunts to win tickets, but they also sit by the phone for hours at a time waiting to hear when the contests will begin or when it is time to call in and be that lucky caller. There are many students at Cabrini that admit to blowing off an entire day of classes just to hear when the contest is beginning.

Whether it is for the fame of being on the radio, the excitement of being involved in a contest, the thrill of the sporting event or to see your favorite concert/movie, fans will go beyond surpassing measures when there is some- thing to be won.

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Staff Writer

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