The skinny on ‘freshman fifteen’

By Kimberly White
September 23, 2004

Scott Fobes

In August of 2002 my parents were dropping me off at Cabrini, to begin my first year of college, the first time I would be living away from home. My Dad warned me about the “Freshman Fifteen” as we drove past the “Battle of the Bulge” sign on King of Prussia Rd., as if it referred to the excess weight or “bulge” many freshman gain during their first year of college. Although the “Battle of the Bulge” sign is referring to a World War II battle, it could very well be taken as a warning sign to gaining the “Freshman Fifteen” to some people like myself.

The “Freshman Fifteen” is a notorious term throughout most college campuses worldwide. The term referring to the extra weight many freshman students gain when they begin college “is not a myth, it’s real,” according to

Most students who are away from home for the first time drastically change their eating and exercise habits upon the start of college without giving any thought to it. The decrease in students’ exercise habits and increase in their food consumption causes weight gain. Many college freshmen were active in high school participating in various sports or activities and also ate healthier meals because their parent’s provided it daily.

Once students begin college it is their responsibility to plan and eat healthful meals and to include exercise and physical activity into their daily routines. If the student does not take responsibility for his or her eating and exercise habits he or she is likely to gain the “freshman fifteen.

Convenience is one standard that many college students live by. Fast food restaurants seem to be convenient for many students and unfortunately do not offer very healthy eating options. One University of Texas student “ate at McDonald’s and Wendy’s out of convenience before the dormitory dining room opened,” according to

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Kimberly White

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