The Secret is Out: Underground Greek Life

By Lauren Sharkey
September 30, 2005

Jerry Zurek

“Little is known…what is known is kept secret.” This credo belongs to the Alpha Delta Gamma (ADG) chapter that surfaced at Cabrini College during the 2004-2005 school year.

As most Cabrini College students are aware, fraternities and sororities are not permitted on campus. However, the select few individuals affiliated with this so-called “brotherhood” have yet to face any disciplinary consequences. This may very well be due to the extreme secrecy this fraternity demands of its members.

Now, if this is such a big secret, how is it that one finds out about this fraternity? The credo appeared in a friend’s AIM profile, also including a quote, “A skull above any other.” When confronted, his only response was, “Ah, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not saying anything.” Later that evening, the credo was nowhere to be found in his AIM profile. ADG is also promoted on t-shirts, “We bust our skulls so we can bust yours.”

Historically, ADG is a Christian based fraternity. According to their official website, “The five pillars that every AlphaDelt lives by are known as the Five S’s: Spiritual, Scholastic, Service, School Spirit, and Social.” Yet a secret fraternity house, skulls and the initiation that is rumored to have taken place last year hardly seems like Christian tradition.

However, this underground fraternity does raise a good question: should fraternities and sororities be permitted on campus? Justin Rogers, a freshman bio/pre-med major, said, “It depends on the stigma that goes along with that frat. If they have a good reputation then it’s okay, but if it’s just another place for people to have parties, get drunk and have sex, then no.” Many other students feel that fraternities and sororities unite people and will bring the students together. Yet, when asked if they would ever become affiliated with such an organization, their responses were quite the contrary. Another freshman, who chooses to remain anonymous, said, “I definitely wouldn’t join a fraternity…I don’t need to pay for friends.”

Although Cabrini may be torn on whether or not fraternities and sororities should be allowed on campus, or what really happens inside ADG, one thing is for certain: the secret is out.


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Lauren Sharkey

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