The Rock’s ‘Scorpion’ stings theaters

By Geri Lynn Utter
April 25, 2002

Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper gave it thumbs down, but critics everywhere have been giving the “Scorpion King” praise.

Starring The Rock, the World Wrestling Federation’s pretty boy responsible for dismissing every ‘wannabe’ wrestler that crosses his path, “Scorpion King” is exciting.

Even though the “Scorpion King” is staged in a completely different era with warriors, rather than rookie wrestlers, The Rock gets two hours to flex his muscles and show Memnon, the king of Gomorrah, who’s boss.

Memnon and his band of warriors are in the process of driving other tribes out of their native lands, in order to gain more power and increase the size of his empire.

Under Memnon’s control is the Sorceress, played by Kelly Hu, the key to Memnon’s predicted victories. Memnon holds the Sorceress as a lavish prisoner, in order to help him form his attack strategies and act as a symbol of hope and courage for his elite army.

Methyus, The Rock’s character, is hired by the other tribes in danger of being conquered by Memnon’s army to kill his prized possession, the Sorceress. However, rather than kill the beautiful Sorceress, Methyus takes her captive and they fall in love.

Methyus, the Sorceress and the endangered tribes band together to conquer Memnon and reclaim their lands.

After seeing the “Scorpion King” I found it to be action-packed and entertaining. And come on ladies, The Rock is half-naked throughout the entire movie. Don’t think the directors forgot the fellas, Kelly Hu is stunning with her skin-revealing costumes throughout the movie.

Who cares about Ebert and Roeper’s thumbs down rating? The “Scorpion King” is an entertaining flick with a good plot, starring beautiful people.

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Geri Lynn Utter

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