The Politics of Sex:

By Sarah Duffy
September 30, 2004

Shawn Rice

If you are one who criticizes others for their sexual identity, you have every right to your opinion. But, let me point out…it is just an opinion, and does not prevent other individuals from choosing the sexual identity that so pleases them.

Legislation is already turning in 25 states to ban gay marriages. Not only does President Bush want to ban gay marriages but a constitutional amendment? You’ve got to be kidding me. America takes great pride in our separation of church and state. What part of separation doesn’t our government understand?

Let’s refer to the U.S. Constitution as a mission statement, a general outline of what we Americans are all about. Would you say that we are all about preventing homosexuals from marrying each other? That seems a bit out of context to me.

Why are we seeking such drastic legislation to control what constitutes less than 5 percent of our population, if not for some personal agenda to restrict another human being’s pursuit of happiness. Sounds like a personal problem, not a constitutional amendment.

Really, the government’s attempts to control our private-sexual lives never hold any weight in the real world. Did you know that oral sex is illegal in Florida? Now, this may be a stretch, but I am pretty sure that someone in Florida is having oral sex right now, especially down in Miami Beach. In fact I hear that’s pretty much all they do there.

Regardless of majority opinion, gay people exist, they do! People are not going to stop being gay. If a homosexual couple decided to marry, I encourage the faithfulness of a union between two people.

Perhaps if we stopped treating homosexuals as outcasts, and forcing them to live in fear of their own identity, we wouldn’t have 40 year old governors coming out of the closet, or an underground AIDS epidemic, but rather a friendly community of happily married gay people.

So to that little boy who dreams of one day walking down the aisle and marring his prince charming, I ask him to not give up hope. For I have faith that we will come to terms with this issue and encourage the dreams of all the future homosexuals of America.

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Sarah Duffy

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