the Master of horror: ‘JasonX’ returns for a space invasion

By Geri Lynn Utter
April 11, 2002


Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Block everyone and everything else out of sight and out of mind, except for the beating of your own heart (bum..bum..bum..bum.)

It is the year 2455. You are a student explorer, taking flight through space, awaiting your travel destination-Old Earth. You are arriving on Old Earth, the place your ancestors once dwelled, to do scientific research on why the once vibrant planet was destroyed.

You disover that Old Earth was obliterated due to violent storms, toxic land masses and poisoned seas.

However, upon your arrival on Old Earth, you along with your peers find two frozen human corpses. One corpse, appeared to be a young-beautiful woman, while the other looked like a large man wearing an errie mask.

Unexpectedly, the hi-tech jell used to mantain the frozen bodies, began to melt at an extremely fast pace causing the bodies to thaw.

The student-explorers paniced and returned back to the space ship, unaware that an univited visitor was on board-JASON.

He is back and badder than ever. Just when you thought that Jason went to hell for good, in 1993, directors Jim Issac and Sean S. Cunningham bring the “old Jaso” back to life. But, “old Jason” has been transformed into “Sci-fi” Jason with a shinier mask, bulging red-eyes and bigger biceps. Directors like to refer to him as becoming Uber-fied or they call him the ‘Uber Jason’

Even cast members like Melyssa Ade, who plays Janessa, claims to be creeped out by Kane Hodder(Jason.)

Eventhough, Jason has a new, sci-fi look to him, do not undermine his killer tendencies. According to directors, Jason is meaner than ever and shows no mercy. But, unlike previous “Friday the 13th” movies Jason gets his butt kicked by a female-robot called KAY-EM 14.

Without giving the ending away, “JASON X” will be released in theaters on Friday, April 26. For all you hardcore Jason fans, do not worry. He is back and badder than ever.

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Geri Lynn Utter

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