The Evasons read the minds of Cabrini

By Kendall Neil
February 6, 2003

Alaina Robinson

After the loss of a loved one, who ever expects that they will have the chance to have one last image of them? For senior Katie Reing, the unthinkable became a reality. As she sat on a stage, she was told to sit silently with her eyes closed. Sophomore Jamie Knobler sat poised in the audience after being directed to take a picture of Reing at a moment’s notice. When given the word, Knobler snapped the polaroid. When Reing emerged, she said that she felt her hands go from cold to warm and the feeling of a “warm presence” in front of her. Once the photo developed, Reing was shot from the knees up while hovered above her was the silhouette of her grandmother.

They have been called the “most amazing mind-reading act ever seen.” They have appeared in 28 countries around the world, Las Vegas, and on the Disney Cruise Ships. Jeff and Tessa Evason, also known as the “Psychic Duo,” are a husband-and-wife team who appear to be able to do the impossible: mind reading, levitation, and predict the future. On Tuesday Feb. 4, they brought their act to Cabrini College for 147 people to decide for themselves.

“I really believe as a child everyone has this gift, if you want to call it that,” said Tessa. “It’s very much based on your life path and your life experiences. In my mind, I never had a doubt.” Tessa offered the chance to get a personal intuitive reading from her for the cost of $10, however the sooner the better as she can feel the connection with the audience for only a few days after each show.

Sophomore Michelle Shuster went into the show “very skeptical.” “I found it very hard to believe that people can see the future,” said Shuster. However, after the show, her opinion did a complete turnaround, “after the show, I have to admit I was more willing to give them a chance.” The Evasons even offer a $25,000 reward for anyone who can find any evidence that the show may be a fraud.

Jason Bozzone, Director of Student Activities, feels that the turnout for the event was “incredible.” “The culture of the student body is starting to change for the better and the students are starting to come out and appreciate quality events,” said Bozzone.

Jeff said that guys describe the feeling of extra-sensory perception as a “gut feeling” for men and as “intuition” for women. Whatever you want to call it, Tessa and Jeff used their “psychic” powers to leave the audience with chills and an eerie feeling.

For more information on the Evasons, visit their website at

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Kendall Neil

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