The dangers of drinking

By Marisa Gallelli
October 28, 2004

To many students turning 21 has no meaning to them, only because they have already been drinking up until that point in time. To me, however, turning 21 was a major turning point in my life, only because I have never in my life had a sip of alcohol, until midnight on Oct 17, 2004. To me being 21 brings a certain sense of finally being an adult, and also the fact that I had almost been planning my 21st birthday since I was about 16 or so. I’ve always had plans to have my first drink at the stroke of midnight on my birthday, and I am very pleased to say I stuck to that, although it may not have been a whole drink, it was still an alcoholic beverage.

Although this may not seem very substantial to many people it was to me, I have always had the conviction to not give into peer pressure and drink before I was legally able. I am happy that I didn’t because it made my 21st birthday more memorable for not only me, but my family and friends as well. Now most people who know me, know that I have never had a drink before, and some of you may not believe that, but if you knew me, than you would believe me. I am almost always the first person to discourage underage drinking, although I do not judge anyone who does.

I made my 21st more special to me because I made the conscience choice to not drink before I was 21, and to me that was an important choice, granted I have only been 21 for a little under two weeks, I have also made the conscience decision to not drink as often as many other people. The peer pressure issues that exist for many other people, never existed for me, I never had the want or need to drink due to stressful situations, or anything else that may have caused me to want to drink.

Although there have been times where I was tempted to drink by other people, I politely refused and walked away. Alcohol kills. It is simple; stupidity.

Someone I knew a long time ago, was the unfortunate victim of this type of stupidity, her boyfriend, said he was fine to drive after having a few drinks, unfortunately, that was not the case. He was not fine to drive, in fact, the tragic repercussions of that night were that, my friend lost her life because of his stupidity. So think before you drink, please, the repercussions could be beyond your wildest dreams.

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Marisa Gallelli

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