The cooking club: heating up again

By Marianne McKim
November 9, 2000

Stacy Hanby

by Marianne McKim
assistant features editor

You’re looking around for something to eat. You find nothing. You don’t think you can force another pack of Ramen noodles down. What you could do is join Dave Wiley, president of the cooking club, or ask him for some of his great recipes. If you’re not into the club scene, you can always participate in the events they partake in.

Since the cooking club does special events for the campus, each year they pick a theme of what they want to do. This year’s theme is different cultural foods. They are trying to experiment in making foods from all over the world. This will then allow people to experience food from different cultures. For each event one or two club members assist Wiley. “It is a fun and interactive way to learn,” Wiley said.

The cooking club tries to have an event every two weeks. They usually take place in house three because that is where many of the members reside. Sometimes the events are more spread out. This past weekend they had the pies to do for the family weekend and on Wednesday they made an Asian appetizer spread for the cultural day.

If you had any of the delicious pies over family weekend, they were most likely Wiley’s. He and two other people made about 30 pies for Homecoming. There was a variety of apple, pumpkin and cherry.

At the end of the semester Wiley has decided that he wants to do a chocolate covered night. This is a chance for students and others to bring fruits, nuts or whatever they want and dip it into melted chocolate. They are combining this program with the resident assistant of house three so it will be a break from studying for finals.

Wiley said, “I could never do this alone. Toni Pirrone is the vice president of the club and she helps out a lot. I couldn’t do this without her.”

Wiley is unsure of what they are doing for November, but is open to any suggestions. To contact Wiley about the cooking club, events or to recommend an idea call him at x8643 or Pirrone at x3127.

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Marianne McKim

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