The city without closing hours

By Chris Jones
March 18, 2004

Mark Garlit

Let’s face it guys and gals, Philadelphia is a city that has many attractions and they have a nightlife that ends generally at 2 a.m. Hence, taking a two hour trip to New York City, where the nightlife ends in the morning and the attractions are greater, would be more exciting.

For the record, New York City consists of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island. You guys think South Street is an attraction? Try heading down to the Village, where things on South Street are maybe half a block there. There are more comedy shows, clubs, bars and eateries, where excitement is just a second away. The nightlife down there never ends. Clothing shops don’t close early, and you can always find a place to eat. If you want a piercing or tattoo, you can go an hour before midnight and still have time to kill.

Times Square, naturally one of the greatest places in the world, contains multiple movie theaters, eateries, a huge Toys R’ Us with games and a Ferris wheel and there is even an Internet Caf

Chris Jones

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