The Cheesecake Factory: It’s more than just cheesecake

By Staff Writer
November 1, 2001

Katie Reing

The newest restaurant addition to King of Prussia mall (The Court) is the Cheesecake factory. Trust me when I say this restaurant is way more than cheesecake. As a matter of fact it would be surprising if you had room for desert after the servings they offer.

Normally this restaurant does not serve breakfast, but Sunday mornings they open early for Sunday brunch. Walking into the restaurant was impressive because the entire place had a very clean appearance. Even with this appearance I was set back at first because the hostess is also a receptionist for the restaurant. One would think that the customers standing in front of her would get her attention first, but no. Instead she put her finger in the air as to tell us “hold on a minute” while she picked up the phone and assisted the caller.

Finally, we became a priority and were seated in a comfortable booth in the middle of the restaurant. The menus for this restaurant are about 16 pages with every other page being an advertisement for a store in the mall. It seemed as if it were a job to look through the menu. If I wanted to look at ads I would have walked upstairs and bought a magazine from Borders.

The service made up for the beginning annoyances. The waitress made sure we had refilled drinks and bread before the food was delivered to our table. When the food was delivered our eyes popped out of our head? The servings are huge. Huge meaning one serving could easily fill two people. Be prepared to leave this restaurant with a doggy bag or make sure you have room for a meal for two.

The French toast that I ordered was definitely the best I have ever eaten. It was a little sweeter than expected but very well prepared. The meal was a little pricey but in this case you get what you pay for. It is definitely worth the extra money to eat here.

Overall the service and the food were excellent and left me with a good impression of the restaurant. As long as the phone is not ringing in the hostess area I will definitely go back to the Cheesecake factory. Maybe next time for dinner.

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Staff Writer

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