The big transition

By Ryan Cox
September 25, 2003

Jenna Lewandowski

Dedication, honor, and a strong sense of discipline are perhaps the fundamentals of making a smooth transition from a high school athlete to a competitive collegiate force.

According to James Feuerhammer, this belief could not be more accurate. Fuerhammer, a Freshman is one of many new additions to the men’s fall soccer team.

Residing in Palmyra, New Jersey, James attended the local high school of the same name.

“High school ball was just plain different,” he stated when asked to compare the styles of high school versus colligiate. “In college there is much faster game play, and a lot more touches on the ball.”

According to Fuererhammer, most public high schools teach athletes a style of playing known as “dump and chase,” in which the fullbacks send the ball to the offensive players, and let them decide what to do from there. “In college ball, there is a heavier stress on decision making, and teamwork.”

A typical soccer practice includes 45 minutes of running, and the remainder, usually another 45 minutes, on technical work.

“If we are finished with all of our training, we usually end with a scrimmage to tie everything we learned together,” he stated.

On Tuesday, Sept. 16th, the soccer field was still glistening with dew at 3pm. The smell of newly sprayed field paint permeated the the air surrounding. The Cabrini men’s soccer team are in lines of 2 and circling the field in a pre-practice warm-up. Their legs are moving in perfect unison, resembling not only a sports team, but a well disciplined army.

According to Fuererhammer, the team not only gets along on the field, but off of it as well.

“We have a system of trust based on family and pride,” says Fuererhammer.

The team recently went to dinner at the Olive Garden, where they enjoyed good food and exchanged jokes. “The dinner was awesome,” Fuererhammer stated and than added,

“Everyone had a great time.” Overall, the soccer team has but one goal for the season,”We want to win the PACs more than anything,” Fuererhammer stated.

As for Fuererhammer, “The only goals I have for myself this season are to get stronger to stand up to bigger athletes, and improve on my skills.”

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Ryan Cox

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