The big transition

By Jessica Goldberg
November 6, 2003

Diana Frosch

Imagine playing a sport all of your life, then adjusting to college while still playing a sport. Meet Talia Giordano, a freshman soccer player.

Giordano has been playing soccer since the second grade. For her, coming to college has been a big adjustment because she is not living at home, she is meeting new people, and doing things by herself.

“It’s very new because now there’s a lot of self motivation to go to practice. You push yourself harder because there’s a different coach and a different team, and there can be competition,” Giordano said.

Before coming to Cabrini, Giordano talked a lot with coach Ken Prothero about playing soccer. When asked why she did not choose a Division I school, Giordano said, “I didn’t choose a Division I school because all of my free time would be focused on soccer. I always have the expectation of playing, but at the same time I want to be able to focus on school work as well as having fun.”

College level sports are extremely different than high school. “Transitioning into a college level sport is really hard because I’m used to playing with the same team (8-9 years), as well as playing in the whole game. The coach tries to give everyone a chance to play, which is good,” Giordano said.

Giordano said when the season started there was a team meeting and everyone got to know each other. Giordano also said she knows that she can talk to the captains about certain situations. She said the other players are also great. “There are different social groups within the soccer team, yet when we do things as a team everyone comes together as one,” Giordano said.

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Jessica Goldberg

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