Theater director plans for a semester of production

By Lauren Mineo
September 19, 2002

David Cloud

Are you being stalked? That seems to be the buzzing phrase around campus in recent weeks as more students begin to notice the flyers for this semester’s theater production, “Boy Gets Girl.”

The two-act play, written by Rebecca Gilman, is best summarized as an eerie stalking scenario in which Tony, an obsessive and pathetic loser, dates Theresa, a detached workaholic. Very shortly after their first encounter, Theresa realizes that she wants no more to do with Tony. However, Tony is not able to accept this.

Theater Director Neal Newman believes that college students will be able to relate to this situation. “It’s a real eye-opener as to what could happen,” Newman said. “It would do a real community service here.”

Freshman English/communications major, Ryan Cox thinks that the play will bring a “new topic and awareness to Cabrini.” Seemingly always approaching a new topic, the theater veterans know that no theatrical production performed at Cabrini will be commonplace. “Neal always picks interesting plays, plays that are.different,” said junior English/communications major Brian Fry.

In the past, the theater’s dilemma has been a lack of interest in auditioning. This year, however, it seems as though people will be fighting over roles because the script only calls for four male and three female spots.

In anticipation of many female performers, Newman is entertaining the idea of adding in another female character, “the nurse.” As far as actors go, Newman said, “We have people lining up to get in.”

Though the on-stage positions will be filled, the off-stage positions may not be. “We need a lot of run crew,” Newman said, meaning students to run the lighting, sound and backstage operations. “I’m just going out for whatever I can get. I’m going to help the play no matter what,” Fry said.That type of attitude is what Newman is searching for.

Cabrini’s theater is limited to putting on low-budget performances and this year will be no different. According to Newman, the theater’s stage is to be redone sometime this year. “That’s just shooting through our budget,” Newman said. If you do not remember, a perfect example of a low-budget Cabrini production was last spring’s musical, “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” in which the entire set consisted of four strategically positioned scaffoldings. Despite the lack of scenery used in the show, its success warrants that this semester’s production has the same potential.

Along with a new production comes a new name for Cabrini’s theater, now referred to as, “the theater.” It was once called Red Cloud Theater due to the scenery. Because that scenery no longer exists, a different name is needed. Newman said, “We’ll inaugurate a new name with the new show.” He is offering that the students may want to vote on a name, so if you have a suggestion, feel free to stop by “the theater” so everyone can stop calling it “the theater.”

In the newly-named theater, the next show to be performed will be a “completely student-produced event,” Newman said. The show will even be student-directed, leaving Newman as an adviser or overseer of production, lending a helping hand whenever it seems needed. “I’m looking forward to giving all of the support I can,” Newman said. Next semester he will be teaching a directing class that he hopes will result in a student director for that semester’s production. Perhaps some behind-the-scenes people will decide to participate on a more involved level.

As for those who have heard that there will be no more musicals, the rumor is just that – a rumor. Last year’s musical left students wanting more and they shall receive. According to Newman, “We’ll probably do another musical next year.”

For all of those interested in seeing “Boy Gets Girl,” it runs for two weekends in November. The show dates are as follows: Nov. 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 and 23. For any student showing Cabrini identification, the cost of the show will be $5. However, Newman agreed to allow any student in for the $5 rate as long as they supplied a student ID. For all other theater patrons, tickets will be $10 per person.

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Lauren Mineo

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