The ad ABC rejected

By Morgan Miller
October 23, 2008

The Alliance for Climate Protection’s Repower America created an ad that addressed the current climate issue. ABC responded to this ad by not airing it on their network.

This ABC-rejected ad states that the climate crisis could be resolved by America turning to the usage of wind and solar energy instead of oil. The ad continues by pointing out that America suffers for the large amount of money spent by oil companies for drilling, while the companies profit.

Personally, I think there are two issues within this ad rejection. The first and foremost issue being a violation of rights. ABC is expressing their opinion by not airing this ad about substituting with wind and solar energy.

The First Amendment involves the freedom of expression, which is not being allowed by this well-known television network.

The network airs commercials about oil drilling. An expression of beliefs through a commercial about saving the climate through an alternate energy source should not be declined.

The American people should be respected and viewed as educated individuals.

Therefore, all sides of an issue should be expressed, allowing the American people to make up their own minds on an issue. If both sides would be aired, bias from networks and companies could be eliminated.

I also expand this view into media. I believe that the media should cover both sides of an issue, which would allow people to make decisions on their own. It has been said that no matter how thin a pancake is, it still has two sides.

The other side of this ad rejection explores the oil versus wind and solar energy dispute. Generally speaking, Republicans want to drill for oil, while Democrats want to end this and find other sources of energy. Returning to my previous point, regardless of my personal political views, the media should not just express the Republican view for drilling.

I believe that the United States should research and further develop other ways to provide energy. However, I also believe that we do need to drill for oil.

Personally, I feel as if the technology and resources needed to perfect these alternate energy uses could take years. In the meantime, Americans still need energy, which is gained through oil.

We need to stop being dependant on foreign oil and other countries. America should find a source of oil that is on our territory. While we have this oil supply we can further develop ways to have other sources of energy.

I have heard my parents talk about the oil and gas rationing of the ’70s many times before. During this time period, people had to wait in lines in order to receive gas for their cars.

On certain days, people with license plates ending in an even number would receive gas. On the other days, people with a plate ending in an odd number would be able to get their gas rations.

This gas rationing is an experience we should not have to live through today. We also should not have to live through sky high gas prices.

Therefore, it is obvious that other energy sources need to be explored. However, we can not drastically eliminate oil sources and oil drilling right away.

Change needs to occur gradually over time.

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Morgan Miller

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