DREAMers get scholarships at Cabrini by next year

By Mark Finley
April 28, 2022


Students and families can start applying for the first-ever scholarship that directly support undocumented students and Temporary Protected Status. Cabrini is the first school in Pennsylvania to offer scholarships to undocumented students and Temporary Protected Status.

On Nov. 1, President Donald Taylor sent a letter to Cabrini students and staff announcing the partnership with TheDream.US. 

TheDream.US Foundation supports students who have DACA status (dreamers), Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and undocumented students.

Within that letter it mentions that Cabrini is partnering with TheDream.US and is welcoming applications from DREAMers for the 2022-23 academic year.

Taylor in the letter talks about Cabrini’s namesake Mother Cabrini and how it connects with the dreamers.

This is a portrait of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini also known as Mother Cabrini.
Photo by: Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

“Our namesake St. Frances Xavier Cabrini was herself an immigrant, and is the Patron Saint of Immigrants, so it is fitting that the university aids Pennsylvania DREAMers in pursuing their college aspirations,” Taylor said.

On Feb. 13 and Feb. 14, Cabrini’s Admissions staff held an information session to learn more about TheDream.US partnership for DREAMers and undocumented students. 

The sessions were open to prospective students, parents, school counselors and representatives from community-based organizations. Both of the sessions were on Zoom and in both English and Spanish. 

In both of these sessions there was a presentation led by Devon Miller, assistant director of undergraduate admissions at Cabrini University. Miller explained everything that was in each slide.

Miller in the presentation went over the requirement to apply for the scholarship. The requirements are students must have entered the country before Nov. 1, 2016 while being under 16 and must have an address with Pennsylvania.  

Within the presentation, Miller went over how to apply for this scholarship through TheDream.US. Cabrini offered a waiver code, CAVALIER, for a free applicant. The application must be sent in by March 7.

“Since our partnership with TheDream.US was announced by President Taylor in Nov., admissions has done extensive outreach through letters and face-to-face meetings with principals and superintendents across the state of Pennsylvania,” Bryn Campbell, director of undergraduate admissions, said.

Campbell. Photo by Bryn Campbell

Campbell has played a crucial part in working with TheDream.US to get this program off and running.

“We’re also getting the word out through our social media channels and direct contact, and letting school counselors know through our newsletters that Cabrini is an option for high school students [the schools] believe are eligible,” Campbell said. 

Campbell has been the director of undergraduate admission since Aug. 2021 and has had 13 years of experience working as an admissions counselor.

“TheDream.US Foundation supports students who have DACA status (”dreamers”), Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and undocumented students, so it’s a bigger population than just those students with DACA status,” Campell said. “Since the partnership began four months ago, we’re happy to say that we’ve been meeting and exceeding admissions benchmarks that TheDream.US set for us.

“Our expectations for students supported by TheDream.US are the same for any student who chooses to attend Cabrini,” Campbell said. “ We hope that every Cabrini student experiences a transformative education here, and benefits from the opportunities the university has to offer, whether it’s academic, service, governance, athletics, social or our wraparound services.”

If you have any question or want to learn more about this should visit TheDream.US or contact Cabrini’s admissions for more information.


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Mark Finley

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