The missing sports: Why Cabrini does not have ice hockey and football

By Evans Baker
October 9, 2019

Cabrini is most recently famous for its big win in the national lacrosse championships. However, what about the other big sports like ice hockey and football? Other schools like Temple and Villanova have these sports so why does Cabrini not offer these sports.

 “Every athletic department has sports that fit admissions and the footprint of the college or university.” Steve Colfer, assistant director of athletics for recruitment and retention, and men’s lacrosse head coach, said.

He said that there were a lot of factors that go into bringing in a new sport. Factors including, “Does the university have the facilities for the sport?”, “What kind of funding does the sport need?”, “Is there going to be any interest with students?” and more Colfer explains. He also says that that sport should probably fit the mission of the school.

Also, part of the funding that the sports department receives comes from various sponsors that donate to the athletics program called Cavs fund. Therefore, the interest of donors in funding new sports is another factor.

The Cabrini baseball team is only three years old and doing really well. Does that mean we could get football and ice hockey too? Photo by James O’Connor

“I think sport offerings are something that we look at on a consistent basis in terms of what is right for the institution, how it would potentially help enrollment, is it something that students are requesting in terms of those types of sport offerings.” Kate Corcoran,  associate director of athletics, said. She said that the sports Cabrini does offer has a lot to do with Atlantic East Conference and that it would not make much sense for Cabrini to have these sports but students can request for a club sport if they so desire.

“Some of its facilities, some of its resources, it’s also looking at is that something that the college can support in a lot of different ways not just in facilities and resources.” Orlin Jespersen, associate director of athletics, recreation, and community engagement, said. He basically said the same things as Corcoran and Colfer about how adding a new sport has to deal with a whole bunch of factors. 

Cabrini already has hockey on the field, so what about on the ice? Photo by James O’Connor

So with club sports it is really possible to have any kind of sport. As long as there is enough interest in people who would like to play said sports like football and hockey or maybe even another sport of some kind. 

Evans Baker

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