The Masked Singer: Cabrini edition

By Gabrielle Cellucci
April 24, 2020

Screenshot of when SEaL will be hosting their version of "The Masked Singer." By Gabrielle Cellucci
Screenshot of when SEaL will be hosting their version of "The Masked Singer." By Gabrielle Cellucci

With finals quickly approaching and quarantine causing everyone to be bored, SEaL is still planning to host virtual events for students to enjoy. One of the more thrilling events that SEaL is hosting is their version of “The Masked Singer.”   

A variety of masks on display. Photographer unknown

Based on the popular game show “The Masked Singer,” which features a variety of celebrities disguised in over-the-top costumes and judges guess who the celebrity is behind the mask, SEaL is hosting a Cabrini edition of “The Masked Singer.” Lisa Podolsky, assistant director for leadership and development at Cabrini, has planned this event. 

The event is inspired by the hit TV show, in which celebrities dress up in elaborate costumes and compete in a singing competition,” Podolsky said in an email. “For Cabrini, faculty and staff members will be the contestants, and we will have a video of each contestant singing a song of their choice in costume so that it is a mystery as to who is singing.” 

Podolsky continued to explain that SEaL put together this event for students to have a fun and entertaining way to stay connected to the university, even away from campus. 

“It was something creative we thought of as our SEaL team pondered what kind of events we could hold virtually that would be very engaging,” Podolsky said.

When asked how many masked singers would participate in this event, Podolsky said that students would have to wait and see. Cabrini’s version of “The Masked Singer” will begin on Monday, April 20 and continue throughout the entire week. Videos will be posted every day and students will be able to vote as well through SEaL’s Instagram (@CabriniSEaL).

Screenshot of SEaL’s Instagram page. Photo by Gabrielle Cellucci

“The singers who don’t receive the highest number of votes will be revealed throughout the week,” Podolsky said. “The winner of the competition will be unmasked on Saturday, April 25.” 

Podolsky was asked if there were any clues about who the masked singers may be and she simply responded that she didn’t want to ruin the fun. 

“I think that’s a really cool idea,” Michelle Piccone, sophomore psychology major, said. “It’s a good way for keeping people distracted during this difficult time and it’s a good way to destress.” 

Piccone isn’t the only student who is excited for Cabrini’s version of “The Masked Singer.” Many students enjoy the hit TV competition and are excited for Cabrini’s edition of “The Masked Singer.” 

“I like that idea,” Victoria Lepore, sophomore business major, said. “If it’s similar to [the show], I think it sounds like a spectacular idea!” 

With so many students already interested in the hit show “The Masked Singer,” SEaL is hoping that many students will want to watch and vote for the university’s edition of the show. 

Right now, SEaL is currently trying to work on enhancing the quality of the video clips in order for the event to appear more like a TV show. Students can access the videos and vote through SEaL’s Instagram, though the time of day that the videos will be released remains unknown as well as which faculty members will be participating and what their costumes will be. These questions can only be answered by tuning to watch “The Masked Singer” hosted by SEaL.

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Gabrielle Cellucci

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