The Loquitur wins 2023 Keystone Media Award

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By Jacob Pegan
April 4, 2023

The 2022-23 Loquitur Editorial Staff. Photo by Jason Fridge.
The 2022-23 Loquitur Editorial Staff. Photo by Jason Fridge.

On March 6, the Loquitur continued its winning ways by coming in second place for Best Editorial at the 2023 Student Keystone Media Awards. The award included three of the 2022-2023’s editorial staff editorials. One of the editorials was “The Loquitur is free press” and it was the first editorial written by the current editorial staff.  The other two were “Saying diversity is important is not enough” and “U.S. immigration’s road to nowhere.” All three of these editorials were collaboratively written by the entire editorial staff. 

“I think winning the Keystone Awards for editorials that we worked on together as an entire staff really just solidified all the hard work we have been doing this year,” said Victoria Emmitt, senior digital communication and social media major and Loquitur editor-in-chief. “Also, showing the reporters what we can accomplish outside of Cabrini. We are a small school but the Loquitur is a name worthy of awards when compared to other schools that are often much larger than us.” 

In 2022 the Loquitur won 10 Keystone Media Awards. “It’s an honor to be the advisor for the Loquitur,” said Wendy Rosenfield, communication professor. “It has such a great history as far as winning awards and I am thrilled that we won for our editorials because I thought they were fantastic.” Rosenfield joined the faculty in the summer of 2022 as the advisor for the Loquitur. 

The three editorials that were written were in relation to social justice issues affecting the Cabrini community. The “Saying diversity is important is not enough” editorial was written because of the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on affirmative action. The “U.S. immigration’s road to nowhere” editorial was written in the light of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sending migrants to Philadelphia. 

The Loquitur also won a third-place finish for the 2022 Pinnacle awards in October. 

IMG_2717 (2)

Jacob Pegan

My name is Jacob Pegan, I am from Aston PA and I am a Senior Digital Communications Major. I am one of the news editors at the Loquitur.
One fun fact about myself is that I have two dogs.
I want to do something in social media or marketing for my career. I like to report on the news. Specifically, I like to write on current and world events and connect them back to the Cabrini area.

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