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By Nicholas Rayner
November 16, 2011

Every fall, my friends and I put together our annual fantasy football league.  The league gets very intense and competitive. It is a struggle to get a win every  game. Since our league is so close in every area, I always try to find ways to get the competitive edge.

“The Fantasy Football Geek Blog,” co-founded by Matt and Brandon (last names not listed), is a great resource to find out about fantasy football. I was impressed immediately after signing up with the information I was receiving from the creators of the blog, as well as other members.

This blog is free to sign up for and you have access to  unlimited resources about fantasy football.

The blog gives a great fantasy draft preview that is as accurate as any out there. What I like about the draft preview is reading everyone’s questions and concerns about their draft.

Another feature this blog offers is a weekly waiver wire form, which summarizes the best available players for each position and gives you the percentage of people who have picked that player up.

This blog has several sources that provide you with more about football.  All you have to do is click on one of the topics at the top of the web page and it will connect you to those websites. You can use this blog to find information about other players, stats or any other information you need to know about football. You can also connect with other fantasy blogs and get the latest information.

The blog also has a page that compares all the fantasy football leagues.  This page tells you the differences between them and what leagues are free and cost money.  This is a great source for people looking to start a league for the first time.

This blog provides a wide-range of information about fantasy football for anyone looking to  get involved in the activity.  For more information about the blog, check out the website, “”

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Nicholas Rayner

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