The commuter challenge: How to get involved on campus

By James Humes
November 8, 2018

Commuting to campus can make it difficult to get the full college experience. Often, schedules don’t match well and commuters miss out on joining on-campus activities. This does not mean there aren’t a lot of ways for commuters to get involved on campus.

The Bustle recommends that a great way for commuter students to get involved would be to apply for positions on-campus. Working on campus is a great way to meet and interact with other students, spend more time on campus and make money all the while.

One of many groups that commuter students can join to get involved on-campus. Photo taken by James Humes

It is important to remember that other students commute as well. A great way to meet student commuters is to go to commuter resource centers on campus. You can learn tips and tricks for avoiding traffic, good times to arrive on campus and parking tips.

I’ve learned as a student commuter that speaking with other commuters is a great way learn about how long a drive may take during a certain part of the day. Avoiding traffic and being on-time to class can remove a lot of stress from the life of a commuter.

The commuter resource center is great place for commuters to take advantage of. Resources offered can include public transportation information and discounts, commuter lounge areas, lockers, parking passes and carpool programs all geared for commuter students’ success on and off campus.

Being a student commuter at Cabrini University gives you the opportunity to utilize all these great tools to make your life easier. For instance, I’ve spent a lot of time working with other students, studying and relaxing in our great

Cabrini University’s Commuter Lounge. Photo taken by James Humes

commuter lounges located around campus.

Commuter lounges are located all throughout Cabrini University’s campus; the Founder’s Hall lobby, The Cabrini Bean is located in the Widener Center, the library, and the Grace Hall Atrium.

Another great way for commuters to get involved would be to join clubs on campus. The U.S. News recommends that a student commuter should try to join clubs that they are interested in. There is no shortage of clubs and organizations on campus, and there are also sports teams all students can join.

A study conducted by Ohio State University’s Center of Study of Student Life showed that 68 percent of commuter students stated their reason for not joining a club or organization on campus was because they didn’t not have enough time.

So, a great first start for student commuters wanting to get involved is to review their schedules, then try to work with other members of an organization to create a schedule that works for everyone.

Commuting and being involved may mean staying late, but it’s definitely worth it. Photo taken by James Humes

I always enjoyed playing tennis, so I joined the team here at Cabrini University. I just had to inform my coach and fellow teammates of my schedule and status as commuter student.

Once we were able to create a team practice schedule that worked for the coach and all players, I had no issues making it to any team events and my time management. Not to mention all the fun I’ve had, and friends I’ve made during the process.

One major obstacle many student commuters face on campuses is a lack of parking. This issue may not be avoidable, but there is a great way to combat this issue. A good tip would be to review campus transit schedules and possibly park at an off-campus pickup location. Often parking can be much better at these pickup areas and removes the stress of parking on-campus.

Remember, college is a time for all students to get involved, even commuter students. Commuters have different situations so it’s very important to ask campus officials for help or guidance if needed, and they should help make the most of your college experience.

James Humes

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