Cabrini’s Black Student Union offers safe space for all

By Thomas Ryan
February 21, 2022

Student With Megaphone leading rally
President of BSU Amani Parker leading chants at solidarity march

Armani Parker, president of Cabrini’s Black Student Union,  said it took multiple racial incidents on Cabrini’s campus “to have us say enough is enough.”

Ongoing reports of racial incidents is why the Black Student Union is an atmosphere where people can be free and proud to express themselves and their culture.

The purpose of the BSU is to incorporate people of all races, sexual orientation and genders to gain insight and tell their side of the story while understanding how others feel. Ever since their establishment back in 2013, BSU members has made a big name for themselves here at Cabrini’s campus.

Parker believes she has brought new life to Cabrini by showcasing her leadership and involvement within the BSU.

“I feel like ever since coming to Cabrini I have been able to revamp the BSU in a new way with my uniqueness and passion for such a serious matter,” Parker said. “We wanted to create a safe space where people of all backgrounds, races and ethnicities talk about these heavy topics and teach those who are not informed about what it is like to fight everyday just because of the color of my skin.”

In April 2021, the BSU orchestrated what was “the proudest moment and most impactful moment in BSU history,” according to Geraldine Brown, secretary of the BSU.

The members of the BSU that led a several hundred students in the solidarity march showed their support for their fellow Black students here at Cabrini by marching around campus chanting and speaking up for those who were and are affected by these injustices.

Geralyn Brown reading a poem at the solidarity march

“It was a great experience that brought a lot of awareness to the topic of Black injustices not only on this campus but in all of our communities around the United States and the world,” Brown said. “It was such a powerful experience and what made it even more special is that people from the entire university, both the student body and staff included came to show their support for the Black community.”

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, the BSU’s lack of events has lessened the amount of awareness being raised, but that does not stop them from doing their best to raise awareness in other ways.

The BSU held a virtual event called “Black Table Talk” in the height of the pandemic in an effort to keep the conversation in the minds of the public. The event, attended by students and faculty members, welcomed a faculty member in the SEAL office at Cabrini who is a person of color. They discussed issues that have occurred here on campus as well as racism in general.

“I was surprised at how many people attended this event, but more importantly I was proud at the impression it made on those who attended,” Parker said.

The BSU held an event Feb. 1, in the Grace Hall from 7-9pm called “The Melanin Within.” This event supported local black owned businesses.

If students wish to get involved with this club or have any questions regarding the BSU, the office is located in the Diversity office across from the SEAL office near the campus bookstore in the bottom of the Widener building.

Thomas Ryan

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