Should marijuana be legalized in Pennsylvania?

By Rodrigo Campos-Sánchez
December 8, 2020

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Marijuana has been proven to be beneficial. It also is not embraced as a medicine in Pennsylvania and many are completely against it.

When Pennsylvania will legalize marijuana is uncertain. When the marijuana industry will grow is also uncertain. It will take a year for sales to start because everything must be planned and organized. It will also take a year for the government to figure out how to regulate, tax, license businesses and what the law should specifically be. The marijuana industry does this to destigmatize this stigmatized substance.

What Governor Tom Wolf sees as something that will generate revenue is seen as something that will only add to the drug epidemic by republicans. With legalizing marijuana, Wolf only wants to repair damages that have been made by the COVID-19 pandemic. If Wolf wants marijuana legal, he will need help from the legislature. If Wolf has it his way, marijuana will possibly be legalized through the legislature. This will be unique and might allow Pennsylvania to open recreational stores sooner. A bill could fall on Wolf’s desk at any moment for him to sign and legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania.

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“There is a good third or more of the country that is against marijuana. There are also so many medical benefits to marijuana,” Dr. Matt Reid, assistant professor, sociology and criminology, said. 

From what I understand from reading and knowing people who have prescriptions for cannabis is that it provides a relief. I do not have any negative input on marijuana,” Dr.Joseph Cimakasky, assistant professor of philosophy, said.

The marijuana industry is aware of its public image. No mistakes can be made if ever legalized. Everything must be well designed and laid out. Identification will always be required and age limit of 21 will be the age required to purchase medical or recreational marijuana.

“From everyone with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDs) patients to cancer, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) patients they have all stated that it provides relief and that is good enough for me,” Cimakasky said.

“Every state will eventually come around to the fact that marijuana is not a big deal. It is not something that one should have to criminalize and prosecute people over. Once it is legalized, it tends to be beneficial for the community and individuals. The tax revenue associated with it is always a blessing,” Reid said.

 “I think that one day we will all look at marijuana the same way we looked at alcohol in the 1920s, as a mistake. That is just my view. I really think adults should be allowed to do anything they want, unless they hurt someone else,” Cimakasky said.

Seventy-four year old Margaretta Wood from Chester County Pennsylvania, also agrees with Reid and Cimakasky. “I really think Pennsylvania should legalize marijuana. If it is not legalized, people will only be thrown into prisons. Only since I have Parkinson’s disease, I use medical marijuana. It helps me a lot,” Wood said. 


Rodrigo Campos-Sánchez

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