Application of the week: Tetris-Issue 15

By Lia Ferrante
January 23, 2012

While searching for my favorite apps on my iPhone, I thought the easiest one for anyone of any age to enjoy would be Tetris.

This game has been in my life for as long as I can remember. It’s a simple game of racking up a lot of points by filling in a complete line with pieces. It is honestly the most intriguing and addicting game that I have ever played.

Anytime during the day on any day of the week, this game will allow your time to fly by. It’s an app on the Iphone that I couldn’t imagine my phone without. In this game, players can play up to two different kinds of game modes for them to enjoy. The game mode that I always play is the one-touch marathon mode.

The difference between this kinds of Tetris compared to the original is that it gives you different ways to put your pieces together. In the mode, it allows the pieces to drop in set places where with just a tap on the screen by your finger the piece goes where you want it to go instantly. There is no twisting or rotating involved when putting the pieces together.

The galaxy mode is also another mode for players to enjoy. This mode is different than the one-touch mode. This mode allows players to be given power ups during their game and encouraged to complete tasks in the new Tetris log.

Also, this version of Tetris has added social features to the game. It comes with leaderboards to enjoy and for the players to see all the high scores from different players. The iPhone version only costs $0.99 to purchase. This game is great for any customer to enjoy for as long as they want with just with a tap of their finger.

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Lia Ferrante

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