Tennis coach brings positive attitude

By Jullian Millam
September 23, 2004

Cabrini played an exciting, too-close-for-comfort tennis match against Gwynedd-Mercy College on Saturday, Sept. 11, only to come up short 5-4. The women’s team had a beautiful day at the Cabrini courts to strategically challenge Gwynedd, but that did not, however, stop them from maintaining their buoyant attitude and having fun while they were at it.

It was evident by watching and talking to the team players that their main objective is to do their best, try to win and have fun this season. Amy Sarbaugh, a freshman, said, “Our goal is to try to improve. We want our team to win, but have fun. Our team has so much fun together, we get along great.”

Similar to this attitude, Jackie Creighton, a sophomore, and Tracey Stabler, a junior, agreed. “We want to win PACs. We want to become more competitive in our league, do our best, and have fun,” Creighton and Stabler said.

A big, bright sign was posted on the tennis court reading, “COACH MAGEE ROCKS!!!” The team welcomed its new coach, John Magee, with ease this year. The attitudes of the players coincide with Coach Magee’s expectations and aspirations for the team. “He brings a more positive energy to the team. He wants us to win, but have fun too. He’s not just focused on winning,” Amy Leonard, a sophomore said.

It is no coincidence that Coach Magee seemed to know all the players on the Gwynedd- Mercy College tennis team. It was evident after watching him have friendly conversations with many players on the opposing team. Magee is more than just an outgoing personality, he used to be the assistant coach for Gwynedd -Mercy’s tennis team.

“Since he received a head position here at Cabrini, and Gwynedd used to be his team, this match is a really big one. He knows their strengths and weaknesses. Plus they’re in the top four teams in the league. It’s a big match,” Jackie Creighton, sophomore said.

While the women are adjusting to the new coach, they also have a different aspect of the game to adapt to as well. The Cabrini tennis team has never had an official to call the shots during their games. In the past, the coaches were in the position of determining if the ball was in or out, if it hit the net and so forth.

However, that fact has changed this year when it was decided to have an official at every game to make the calls. In regards to the effects of this new procedure, Victoria Nicodemo, a sophomore, said, “While it makes our warm up sessions quicker, it makes everything a lot more organized.”

Going into this game, the women are (1-0) in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference, and it seemed that many of them are looking forward to the PAC championships. They will be held at the end of October, as a weekend trip for the Cavaliers. “We came in second place last year, so we’re trying to improve ourselves and come in first place this year,” Leonard said.

As the new season begins and a new coach is welcomed, the same positive outlook remains among the Cabrini women’s tennis team. Creighton said, “Everyone works to get better, do their best and have fun. That’s really all you can ask.”

Posted to the web by Ryan Norris

Jullian Millam

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