Take a break, get some sun

By Laura Lombardi
February 21, 2008

I’m so tired of getting up for my 8:15’s and 9:40’s. I’m feeling completely drained out from going to class and actually listening to all my teacher’s lectures. I’m exhausted of doing loads of homework and writing paper after paper. Are you too feeling worn-out, depressed and confused?

I’m just thinking about leaving everyone behind and dropping it all. All I want is to sit under the most beautiful palm trees, dig my toes under hot, white sand, lather on my coconut scented suntan lotion and sip on pina coladas all day long. My main concern would be to get no tan lines, flipping over every hour and getting a real dark tan.

Well, we are just in luck because Spring Break is almost here! Although Cabrini College’s spring break is earlier than most colleges, it is a good time to kick back, relax and enjoy our time off. We should take advantage of the time we have off and get away. I am planning a trip with all of my close friends! It is important though, knowing where to go, what the best deals are and where all of the hot spots are.

I did my research and found out where the most popular Spring Break hot spots are. Cancun and Acapulco in Mexico, as well as, the Bahamas sounded like the most enjoyable areas to go. Cancun and Acapulco offers college students the best deals and vacation packages. The Bahamas has the most beautiful beaches in the world, and offers the most entertaining nightlife. I’m sure that wherever I decide to go, it will be a great choice and I’m sure we will have the time of our live’s.

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Laura Lombardi

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