Take advantage of the Writing Center on campus

By James Humes
November 2, 2018

The Writing Center at Cabrini University is a great resource for students to advance their academic careers. Students may be aware of the Writing Center but haven’t utilized the many resources the writing center offers to students.

Student and tutor at the Writing Center. Photo taken by James Humes

All students should learn more about the Writing Center because no matter which course they take or major they declare at Cabrini, writing will be required. Writing is a great skill to develop for future careers and daily life.

The goal of the Writing Center is simple; to offer help and support for students to become better writers. Tutors will identify concerns and give strategies and tools to achieve this goal. By visiting the Writing Center, students will not only see their grades improve, but they will see themselves become better writers as a result.

Students have many reasons to schedule an appointment or walk-in to the Writing Center. Maybe a student needs help on a final paper, want someone to proofread their essay or many more reasons.

Students can come into the Writing Center at any time or phase writing their papers. The College Raptor said, “Whenever in doubt, appoint a meeting and talk to your personal tutor.”

Student working with a tutor at the Writing Center. Photo taken by James Humes.

“I’m here for revisions to make my paper better,” Cabrini student Kenadi Miller said.

Even though the Writing Center offers walk-in hours, appointments are easy to schedule and verify which tutor and time is available. They can last up to 45 minutes while walk-ins last up to 25 minutes.

Scheduling an appointment is easy.

“Create a MyWC online account, log in to view available appointment times, pick a time and reason for your visit, and just come in,” Writing Center tutor Lyndsey Guarino said.

The Writing Center is a free-of-charge resource that is worth checking out while on campus. The chance to improve your grade on your paper is great as is, but becoming a better writer is of the upmost value.

“The Writing Center is a great resource for all students to use here on campus,” student Daquan Ali said.

To take what you learn from college and apply it to the future is what makes higher learning special. So, come on down to the Writing Center to write your story!

James Humes

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