A final reflection

In this, our final Loquitur issue, the editorial staff wanted to share some of our favorite memories of Cabrini, a school that’s given each… Read More

Growing up Cabrini

Some of my fondest memories growing up take place at Cabrini University. Thanks to my dad, Chris Protesto, Cabrini’s assistant director of facilities and… Read More

Eleven minds, one mission

The spring semester brought with it a new challenge for the Loquitur newsroom: we were left with 11 total staff members. In addition to… Read More

Navigating the confusion

Since the start of the year, communication from Cabrini’s leadership has disappointed students. This year’s running theme is the administration’s lack of transparency and… Read More

The unattainable luxury of eating disorder treatment

If someone told my younger self I’d eventually publish an article about my experience with bulimia and the search for treatment I would’ve called… Read More

When journalism matters most

On Mar. 10,“20 Days in Mariupol” won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film at the 96th Academy Awards. The film shows Ukrainian journalist… Read More

Loquitur carved my path in life

Looking back on my four years at Cabrini, one of my biggest accomplishments and the project that I spent the most time on was… Read More

The last first issue

This year marks the Loquitur’s 65th anniversary. The new year stirs up many emotions. With the calendar turned over to 2024, people begin to… Read More

How reading changed my life

When you hit rock bottom, life doesn’t just throw you a lifeline. Instead, it challenges you to find an anchor within yourself, something that… Read More

Philly sports create community

What a time to be a Philly sports fan. Over the last two years, Philadelphia sports fans were treated to remarkable playoff runs, spectacular… Read More

Halloween is a chance to be someone else, if only for a night

On Oct. 31, tens of millions of Americans will celebrate Halloween by going trick or treating or attending costume parties.

Breast cancer awareness trumps other illness organizations

The month of October excites most people because Halloween is soon approaching and fall is officially beginning. Also, October is widely known and supported as National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Students deserve a longer fall break

On Oct. 10 we didn’t have class and the school called this the dean’s holiday. We all knew that this was our sad little fall break.

Amanda Byne’s downward spiral reflects the harsh pressures of Hollywood

There you are, sitting in front of your box television, with a tape in your VCR ready to record the newest show on Nickelodeon. Everyone in school was telling you how funny “The Amanda Show” was going to be. You’ve watched the previews all week and you are finally ready to see what this new variety show is all about.

Required liberal arts classes will give students an edge in the workforce

Many declared students wonder why liberal arts courses are required to take outside of their majors when they came to college. Many are under the impression that they would be studying in the major they have chosen.

Maroon 5 takes on an edgier, racy image in new “Animals” video

Maroon 5’s newest album, “V,” was recently released, and with it, the radio hit “Animals.” However, the song has caught more attention for more than just its catchy tune and eccentric lyrics.

What’s all the buzz about?

Exam tomorrow… Essay due at midnight… Laundry to do…. Hmmm. What can I do instead? As a typical college student, I always find myself procrastinating the work that I need to get done. Whenever I go on Facebook, I notice that my friends and family “share” articles on their page that catch my eye. These articles come from a website called Buzzfeed, which provides the perfect way to control any amount boredom.

Are you watching? Must-see new and returning shows

There are a lot of new shows to look forward to watching this fall. A series that has been strongly advertised is “Gotham,” starring Ben McKenzie. It’s described as the origin story of the future police commissioner Jim Gordon. But seriously a Gotham without Batman? No thank you. “Gotham,” which premiered on Sept. 22, is on Fox and comes on Mondays at 8 p.m.

Why is the RAC not stacked?

The RAC has not represented its name very well since the beginning of the year as there are low stocks of snacks for students.

Oscar Pistorius – Olympian and Murderer?

Recently in the news it is common to hear about celebrities and famous athletes who have come under fire for their actions.


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