Why I think going back to in-person class will be an adjustment

As the year of online learning comes to an end, I am excited and hopeful to see plans to return to some normalcy for… Read More

Dear my fellow men, feminism means equality and not female superiority

Feminism means the advocacy for women on the basis of equality, which has been misconstrued by men in today’s world. The word feminism in… Read More

Why I became vegetarian

I made the decision four years ago to go vegetarian and I have never looked back. I constantly get the question, “do you ever… Read More

How I started the rock climbing club on campus

Starting a club on campus can seem like a daunting task. I was in a similar boat my freshman year (last year) when I… Read More

Keeping our mental health in check together

This pandemic has been getting worse as it continues for most people, which has caused difficulty managing our mental health. It really does suck… Read More

How creating a Youtube channel helped my mental health struggles

Let’s just say, if you would have told me three years ago I would be where I am today I would have laughed in… Read More

Students safely stay social

Will the typical college student ever experience a “normal” social life again? Last March when the announcement was made that we would be sent… Read More

Don’t rush to grow up

When I was little and wishing to be older or to be able to do things that I was too young to do, my… Read More

New semester, new protocols, same Cabrini pride

After months of being home and isolated from everyday life, students at Cabrini University are back on campus. With high hopes that they experience… Read More

Taking breaks is necessary in order to avoid Zoom fatigue

Students are experiencing Zoom fatigue but that can be fixed with self-care. After about eight weeks into the semester I feel burnt out, irritable,… Read More

All you need is ganas

Students are always taught to go to college after high school. If a student wants job stability, career satisfaction and full integration into society,… Read More

How my non-human friends were an important part of my lock down experience

It’s tough to think about what the world was like before the pandemic. I remember being so excited for a long weekend back in… Read More

Me and Him Vs. Quarantine: my relationship advice to you

For a couple months now, my boyfriend and I have been quarantining together. This has been a huge transition for us, due to the… Read More

The backlash for Eminem’s new album demonstrates the problem with ‘cancel culture’‘cancel culture’

“Music To Be Murdered By,” Eminem’s 11th studio album, was released by surprise at midnight on the 17th of January this year. The album… Read More

Precautions my job has taken during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the times of the pandemic, many businesses have been forced to shut down and lay off their employees to slow the spread of… Read More

College students need to get politically involved

We’re about to see history being made in the 2020 election. The highly anticipated election is expected to be a historic and groundbreaking milestone… Read More

In order to solve immigration issues, we have to address the root causes

In an era with border tensions heightened and families separated in detention centers, many Americans fail to understand the motives behind the migrant growth… Read More

How COVID-19 has affected my small beach town

COVID-19 has affected everyone differently and I truly believe that nothing regarding social interaction will be the same after this pandemic is over. The… Read More

Do you think cheating is getting bad?

If it’s not broken, then there’s no point in fixing it. When it comes to being with someone you have to be committed, but… Read More

Being an essential worker during a pandemic

Working on a regular day for me is simple; brewing coffee, making sandwiches and greeting customers. Since the spread of COVID-19, health care and… Read More
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