Education takes advantage of digital advances

Over the course of the years, colleges have significantly increased the amount of technology used both in the classroom and out. To hear news,… Read More

Mother Cabrini: I’m here because of her

Mother Cabrini is the reason we are all here.

Swimming lessons: kids should start younger

Teaching children to swim is one of the most rewarding experiences.

10 things I learned my freshman year of college

Here are 10 tips to help you along with your freshman year.

Emma Watson shoots down royal dating rumors

Emma Watson, who we all grew up admiring as the precocious Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” movies, could be dating a Harry in… Read More

Bring back activities students want, they will stay on campus

Did you know there used to bring an event called the "Spring Fling" here at Cabrini? It all changed because of incident.

Pledging Delta Xi Phi— is it worth it?

Most members of any sorority would say it is about “being part of a sisterhood” which is the most cliched response of all time.… Read More

Winning the room pick lottery

As the winter is coming to an end, room pick is getting closer and closer. Seniors will graduate, juniors will become seniors, sophomores will turn into upperclassmen… Read More

Celebrate love and live it up this Valentine’s Day

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is thought of as a romantic, lovey-dovey holiday made up by corporate America so that they could make a little extra… Read More

James Barbour: From indictment to iconic ‘Phantom of the Opera’ role

James Barbour, accused of having criminal sexual contact with a 15-year old girl, is now donning the infamous "Phantom of the Opera" mask. Does he deserve to portray this iconic role?

The last first issue

This year marks the Loquitur’s 65th anniversary. The new year stirs up many emotions. With the calendar turned over to 2024, people begin to… Read More

How reading changed my life

When you hit rock bottom, life doesn’t just throw you a lifeline. Instead, it challenges you to find an anchor within yourself, something that… Read More

Philly sports create community

What a time to be a Philly sports fan. Over the last two years, Philadelphia sports fans were treated to remarkable playoff runs, spectacular… Read More

Cabrini: destiny, friendship, and legacy

Truth be told, I was not supposed to go to Cabrini. In the fall of 1993, I was a senior at Saint Basil Academy… Read More

Rev. Richard Jasper: “Be one with”

On the Top 40 radio stations and local TV commercial breaks of the early 1990s, the perky cheerleader voice repeatedly sang, “At Cabrini College… Read More

The Cabrini we never saw

With Cabrini closing its doors after this school year, many people are reflecting on their time on campus. They tell stories of different parties… Read More

Why I think going back to in-person class will be an adjustment

As the year of online learning comes to an end, I am excited and hopeful to see plans to return to some normalcy for… Read More

Dear my fellow men, feminism means equality and not female superiority

Feminism means the advocacy for women on the basis of equality, which has been misconstrued by men in today’s world. The word feminism in… Read More

Why I became vegetarian

I made the decision four years ago to go vegetarian and I have never looked back. I constantly get the question, “do you ever… Read More

How I started the rock climbing club on campus

Starting a club on campus can seem like a daunting task. I was in a similar boat my freshman year (last year) when I… Read More


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