It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

Most people who know me know that I love music and love to sing. You can find me listening to pretty much any genre… Read More

Winter Break Starting Later Than Usual

Cabrini College is doing something different this year and that is starting winter break on Dec. 19, less than a week before Christmas. I feel this… Read More

Starbucks cup causes controversy

*Sniff Sniff* Smell that? Holiday season is approaching quickly! Some have started already, but it is about to be time to break out the… Read More

A Balancing Act: Handling grades and stress

There is no doubt that it is important to do well in your classes and get good grades, but is it worth sacrificing your… Read More

Kimye at it again: making marriage rules

There are many celebrities who love the work that they do and how famous they are, whether it is acting in a movie or… Read More

Should A College Interfere in Your Social Media?

[View the story “Should A College Interfere in Your Social Media?” on Storify]

Sticks and stones may break my bones…

[View the story “Sticks and stones may break my bones…” on Storify]

Girls, do us a favor please and just be yourself

Are girls who wear too much makeup attractive? Do you find it weird when girls come to class and they look like they just… Read More

Your degree does not always dictate your career

Throughout my experience at Cabrini College, I can honestly say that having a major in communications has molded and shaped me into the student… Read More

My big fat expensive wedding

From the time that they are little, young girls grow up dreaming of the perfect wedding. This trend begins by dressing up in a… Read More

When journalism matters most

On Mar. 10,“20 Days in Mariupol” won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film at the 96th Academy Awards. The film shows Ukrainian journalist… Read More

Loquitur carved my path in life

Looking back on my four years at Cabrini, one of my biggest accomplishments and the project that I spent the most time on was… Read More

The last first issue

This year marks the Loquitur’s 65th anniversary. The new year stirs up many emotions. With the calendar turned over to 2024, people begin to… Read More

How reading changed my life

When you hit rock bottom, life doesn’t just throw you a lifeline. Instead, it challenges you to find an anchor within yourself, something that… Read More

Philly sports create community

What a time to be a Philly sports fan. Over the last two years, Philadelphia sports fans were treated to remarkable playoff runs, spectacular… Read More

Cabrini: destiny, friendship, and legacy

Truth be told, I was not supposed to go to Cabrini. In the fall of 1993, I was a senior at Saint Basil Academy… Read More

Rev. Richard Jasper: “Be one with”

On the Top 40 radio stations and local TV commercial breaks of the early 1990s, the perky cheerleader voice repeatedly sang, “At Cabrini College… Read More

The Cabrini we never saw

With Cabrini closing its doors after this school year, many people are reflecting on their time on campus. They tell stories of different parties… Read More

Why I think going back to in-person class will be an adjustment

As the year of online learning comes to an end, I am excited and hopeful to see plans to return to some normalcy for… Read More

Dear my fellow men, feminism means equality and not female superiority

Feminism means the advocacy for women on the basis of equality, which has been misconstrued by men in today’s world. The word feminism in… Read More


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