Sh*t, can I say that on TV?

What the bleep?! It seems like each year television gets more lenient with the amount profane language that is allowed to be spoken on… Read More

’90s TV series making an even ‘Fuller’ comeback

“Cut it out!” You’re not fooling anyone but yourself if you’re not willing to admit that you know that classic line is from the… Read More

We have all heard of crying wolf, but what about crying rape?

Rape is not a joke. One in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, and one in six men will be sexually… Read More

Should pets be allowed on campus?

Many people on campus have some sort of pet in their dorm, whether it be a fish, hamster or even a guinea pig. Students… Read More

Pinkett and Smith vs. The Oscars

This year there are no African American nominees in any category for the Academy Awards. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have decided not to… Read More

Revisiting Childhood: An Open Letter to Barbie

Dear Barbie, How are you girl? It’s been a long time since we’ve had a talk. I used to wear the big puff balls… Read More

Black-ish: is it too racist?

The show “Black-ish” that airs on ABC on Wednesday nights at 9:30 p.m. has gotten people all over talking. The theme behind the show… Read More

Prison is correction facility not a place to take away the human rights.

The United States is one of the most prestigious countries in the world—at least that is what everyone says. We have grown as a… Read More

Every day should be Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that one day set aside for showing someone how much you love them. But should that not be every day? Why… Read More

Playing the lottery: safe or sorry?

I grew up watching my dad play the lottery, and turning to the ABC station for the powerball drawing and always losing. So when… Read More

A final reflection

In this, our final Loquitur issue, the editorial staff wanted to share some of our favorite memories of Cabrini, a school that’s given each… Read More

Growing up Cabrini

Some of my fondest memories growing up take place at Cabrini University. Thanks to my dad, Chris Protesto, Cabrini’s assistant director of facilities and… Read More

Eleven minds, one mission

The spring semester brought with it a new challenge for the Loquitur newsroom: we were left with 11 total staff members. In addition to… Read More

Navigating the confusion

Since the start of the year, communication from Cabrini’s leadership has disappointed students. This year’s running theme is the administration’s lack of transparency and… Read More

The unattainable luxury of eating disorder treatment

If someone told my younger self I’d eventually publish an article about my experience with bulimia and the search for treatment I would’ve called… Read More

When journalism matters most

On Mar. 10,“20 Days in Mariupol” won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film at the 96th Academy Awards. The film shows Ukrainian journalist… Read More

Loquitur carved my path in life

Looking back on my four years at Cabrini, one of my biggest accomplishments and the project that I spent the most time on was… Read More

The last first issue

This year marks the Loquitur’s 65th anniversary. The new year stirs up many emotions. With the calendar turned over to 2024, people begin to… Read More

How reading changed my life

When you hit rock bottom, life doesn’t just throw you a lifeline. Instead, it challenges you to find an anchor within yourself, something that… Read More

Philly sports create community

What a time to be a Philly sports fan. Over the last two years, Philadelphia sports fans were treated to remarkable playoff runs, spectacular… Read More


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