Support the home team

By Nikki Duggan
February 28, 2008

Looking around the gym before one of our games a few days ago, I was disgusted. I would never guess that I go to a school with 1,600 other students. I think maybe I saw three other students on the bleachers.

A girl on my team actually counted that there were 20 people there for the start of our game and that included parents.

As a member of the women’s basketball team here at Cabrini, I take a lot of pride in my school. I would think that most people would. It’s really hard for me to believe that we have so few students, friends, that come to our games.

I’m not even just saying for women’s basketball, I’m basically talking about almost every sports team here in general. I feel like it has to be a senior night or an alumni game day just to get people to come.

I’ve been to other schools for sporting events and they have so much student support. I’m not even saying they are bigger schools; I’m talking about other small schools like ours.

I’m not even asking for people to come and sit for the entire 40-minutes of a basketball game or the entire 90-minutes of a soccer game. Just stop in for a few minutes and show your support for the school.

If you are working out in the gym upstairs, take a break for 10 minutes and come and watch some of the game going on. It’s just so weird to me that we have so many successful athletic teams at our school but people don’t always show their support for them.

I understand that men’s games might be more fast paced than women’s, but we deserve the same attention and respect that they do.

I hope students will consider what I’m saying and try to make more of an effort to show their support for the athletic teams here at Cabrini.

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Nikki Duggan

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