Superstitions to keep bad luck off field

By Caitlin Langley
April 1, 2004

Angelina Wagner

You have your game face on and you are ready to go. You are ready to play the game of your life, and then it begins. Your game ritual, you put on your socks, right first then left, you put on your jersey and you know what you have to do. You have to win, and you have to win it for your team. They count on you to be the best that you are. That is just what our Cabrini teams are doing when they get ready. They know what it takes to win and they go for the it.

Along with knowing what they have to do to win for the team, they know what they have to do for themselves to win, for them. They need to put their right foot in first and then their left. And when they put on their jersey they mean it.

The women’s lacrosse team says a team prayer before the start of each game. Even the freshmen have certain things that they need to do. Freshmen Joslyn Hayes, a goalkeeper, hasn’t washed her goalie pads all season so far and she plans not to. Kelli Wilson, a freshmen defense player says, “It brings the team together and psyche’s us up.” But they aren’t the only ones that say a team prayer.

The women’s softball team also says a team prayer along with a Hail Mary. Freshmen Jen Euganeo, said, “Some of the girls have special hand shakes that they do at the start of each inning that we take the field.” Brooke Peterdozzi says that she wears the same tank top under her uniform for each game.

The men’s tennis team also says a Hail Mary before each game but leaves out the team prayer. Jack Keller, a sophomore tennis team member, says he doesn’t cut his hair all season long in order to keep his luck from running short. And Matt Ingram wears the same hat in his matches. He says, “It just works.”

The men’s lacrosse team has a specific way of walking out onto the field that they do before each game. Led by their senior, goalkeeper, and captain, Antonio Masone, in two straight lines, across the mid field line and then into a lap around the entire field. Sophomore, Dave Barba, who wears the same “Dave’s socks” every game, given to him by an anonymous fan, says that “It symbolic because he is our last line of defense for the team and he leads us on to the field.” Although the team gets ready in their own way, after they take that walk they are a team and at the start of every game they chant, “Team together!”

All in all the teams here at Cabrini have their own way of getting the “W.”

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Caitlin Langley

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