Super Bowl XLI: why did you watch?

By Jackie Turchi
February 8, 2007

Super Bowl XLI aired on Sunday, February 4 with a struggle between the, National Football Conference champions, the Bears and the, American Football Conference champions the Colts.

As both teams competed for bragging rights as the 2007 Super Bowl champions and Vince Lombardy trophy winners, marketers have spent endless hours and absorbent amounts of money on advertisements.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, there are two types of people who watch the big game: people who are watching it for the football and others who are watching it for the 30 second commercial breaks that air in between timeouts. I happen to fall under the category of watching the Super Bowl for the never before seen, supposed to be the funniest commercials, which certain companies market.

The Super Bowl is prime time for advertisers to market their products or services. To air a commercial during the biggest game of the season companies will pay millions of dollars for their ad to appear once, so they better be memorable.

Some of the commercials that jumped out and stuck with me were all of the Budweiser, Toyota and commercials. Particularly the Bud Lite commercial where advertisers took a child’s game of rock, paper, scissors and used it so two grown men could determine who would have the last Bud Lite beer.

Toyota advertised for the new Toyota Tundra, which is a type of truck. This truck is supposed to be equipped with the best breaks and speed like no other truck that is out there. They did a fantastic job at buying air time during different quarters of the game so that viewers would see their ads a number of times throughout the game.

Finally, the third commercial that stuck out in my mind was for I found this commercial to be awful. It was full of trashy women and did not explain the type of product or service that offers. Well, I guess any publicity is good publicity. The advertisers have me talking about this ad, even though I didn’t like it; so, I guess they succeeded in marketing their company.

But I still don’t know what is.

Jackie Turchi

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