Summer trends of ’05

By Jillian Milam
September 9, 2005

Jessica Webb

From uggs, to chunky jewelry, to large and colorful purses, this year’s fashion has seen it all. As the cold weather of last winter turned into warm, sunny days, the summer trends of 2005 kicked in with a bang.

We’ve always been familiar with the Old Navy commercials with their attractive actors and catchy tunes. But one of their fashion trends of the summer of 2005 seemed to make more waves than others this season.

The Bermuda shorts commercial made its memorable impression with not only its recognizable jingle, but the brand new look of the long, tight-fitting shorts could be called unique to say the least. Throw on some high-heeled shoes and a fancy shirt and you got yourself a fun yet different outfit.

Glittery and flowing tunics also made their way in this summer with the idea that sometimes girls don’t feel like wearing next-to-nothing bikinis on the beach. The loose material proved to be a useful bathing suit cover up and looking fashionable while doing so gave girls a chance to kill two birds with one trend.

Another flowing material emerged this season in the form of loose long skirts seen in almost every clothing store window. The different colors and patterns matched with simple, plain-Jane shirts and chunky jewelry made this fashion trend a favorite among many girls this summer.

Although there was a wave of huge handbags for a few months, the small purses made their way into the fashion world towards the end of the summer. More and more, the colorfully beaded, just-big-enough-for-my-cell-phone-and-lipgloss purses have made fun accessories for parties and special occasions. You might not be able to fit the normal necessities on the inside, but it sure looks good on the outside as an under-the-arm handbag.

So now that the summer is wind-ing down and fall is just around the corner, stores are beginning to put their autumn garments out for show. Colors with potential popularity seem to be greens, browns and dark yellows. The layered look appears to be maintaining its trendy status as well. Whatever colors and styles the clothing industry throws at us this season, time will only tell what the people assume as the trends of fall 2005.

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Jillian Milam

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