Summer lovin’ taken to the next level: surviving college

By Staff Writer
September 15, 2006

Yet again, summer has ended bringing with it the beginning of a new school year. Those summer months went by so fast and many memories were made, though saddly, it is also time to leave behind the summer love and the comfort of seeing the boy and girl of the moment.

All of those consecutive days of seeing each other at every waking moment are now gone and are replaced with instant messages, e-mails and phone calls. “How will I go on?!?” is a thought that enters many heads if it is the first time being away from their love.

Here are a couple ways to keep the spark of love alive and cope with the distance.

Don’t talk too long.

Phone calls can be a great way to stay close to a boyfriend or girlfriend. But after two hours on the phone what is there really to say? Most of the time phones are attached to ears but words don’t come out because there isn’t much of anything else to say. So talk but keep it to a half hour to 45 minutes tops. Make it one phone call a day to tell them about the best things of the day. Get excited to call them but talk to long that there is nothing to say. The time spent on the phone could be time for friends instead on sitting on a phone not talking.

Plan, man!

Kisses and holding hands are now out of the picture with the boy/girl out of eyesight. The best way to keep the “But when am I going to see you?” whine from being spoken is to plan ahead. If the plan is already made to see each other then there is no need to cry or get upset at the fact that you haven’t see each other for a while.

It’s all about the trust.

Trust is an important factor whether you are together all the time or in a long-distance relationship. With out trust in a long-distance relationship there could be a lot of strain put on the tie that is holding you together. So if you trust each other then you will be able to spend the quality time needed with your friends as well as your main squeeze.

Marie-Alaina Turnbull has been in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, James, for eight years now. James lives in England while Alaina lives in Pennsylvania. She said that it has been hard but worth it.

She said, “If you want to make a long-distance relationship last, you have to realize that there could be weeks or even months until you see this person again. You have to decide if the person is worth it; if yes, then I think being away from each other is a great opportunity to get to know who the other person really is by talking on the phone, online, etc. It will make it even more exciting to finally see the other person again when you are reunited.”

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Staff Writer

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