Summer Fashion

By Katie Hodgins
April 21, 2005

he spring season is well upon us and when it comes to the season’s fashion scene, one word can truly describe the trends, and that word is color. Although some may feel more comfortable in neutral colors, such as nude, shoppers will have to choose from much bolder colors this spring and later in the summer season.

Some of these popular bright colors will include shades such as coral, turquoise, yellows and purples. However, there is one color that will be seen much more than the others. That color is green.

Green is sure to be a color many will think about trying on this season in one form or another. The shades that will be seen will range from mint green to neon green, and will be the color of choice for form-fitting shirts, jackets, earrings and shoes including sneakers and stilettos.

Other accessories such as jewelry will be seen in the spring and summer seasons.

One fashion trend of the ’80s will make a surprising return in the form of bangle bracelets. Models have already been spotted wearing these clunky, flashy bracelets, which have also been discussed in a style segment on the ABC show “The View.” Along with these bracelets, bright rings are also very much in style.

Besides the color green and clunky jewelry, there are a number of other trends that will be seen out on the town and in the work place. These trends include three-quarter-length shirts and blouses. Cropped jackets will also be an option to wear over the shirts and blouses, and may be worn anywhere. Capri pants are going to be seen less and replaced with longer pants that are rolled up to create a more sporty look. Handbags are also going to be a focal point of the fashion season. Bigger, bolder handbags will most likely be seen more, specifically in metallic colors.

Any female who is a skirt fan will also be glad to know that the skirt is much more in style this year, specifically longer, fuller skirts. These skirts will be available in the brightest and best of colors to keep you breezing through the seasons.

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Katie Hodgins

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