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By Staff Writer
November 6, 2003

Philadelphia Inquirer/KRT

The weekend comes and the option to leave Cabrini for home is available but with more planned events for students the option may not be the only one.

A goal for Jason Bozzone, director of Student Activities, was to find weekend events for students who were staying on campus or were considering leaving for the weekend.

Two separate events have been planned for students this weekend. Saturday, Nov. 8, brings a trip to New York City to see the Broadway show “Chicago,” while Sunday, Nov. 9, is a trip to see the Sixers play the Pacers.

Bozzone said, “The tickets we get are expensive but we don’t sell them at top dollar to the students. Student Activites’ budget pays for the majority of the price for the events.”

Students receive a fair discount price for the tickets. For example, the trip to see “Chicago” has Bozzone paying $100 for 40 orchestra seats but the tickets will sell to students for $20.

Take into account that Student Activities is also putting up the money for transportation and it will pay more than $4,000, while only receiving $800 from student contributions.

Craig Vagell, a junior English/communications major, attended the trip to Washington, D.C. “The prices are affordable and it’s pretty organized.” Vagell usually spends his weekend time on campus but this opportunity gave him an extra incentive to stay at Cabrini.

There is some difficulty involved with the planning of these events. Bozzone needs to purchase tickets as long as five months in advance and estimate the approximate number of people that would be potentially interested in attending.

Bozzone realizes that some students would really like the chance to see a Philadelphia professional team play. Bozzone has arranged tickets for the Flyers, Sixers and Phillies.

An upcoming event will be the Lakers versus Sixers game on Thursday, Feb. 5. The tickets are expected to sell quickly so get in early, Bozzone said. The future will bring more events both sporting and others.

Bozzone asks of the students, if they are interested in these events, review the activities calendar for the dates or if they have a suggestion for possible future events contact Bozzone at

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